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Supernatural Pairing Bingo
04|26|16 - 21:01 - Comm Promo [~mod post]
So sorry that this comm isn't open yet, your mods are working on it, we swear... in the meantime, here's a comm that's opening on May 1st!!


Rules | Sign-Ups | FAQ
09|07|15 - 22:06 - It's Coming... [~mod post]

We're gonna open a little early this year, sometime in early October.  Keep an eye out, folks!
I hope I haven't left this too late and that I'm posting it right, but here goes nothing :)

Pairings Used: All of them
Henry Winchester/Abaddon, Dean/Crowley, Naomi/Jo, Castiel/Crack!Character, Bobby/Jody Mills, Tessa/Charlie, Sam/Death, Dick Roman/Crossover!Character, Meg/Ruby, John/Bobby, Crowley/Atropos, Dean/Minor!Canon Creature, Wildcard, Jim Murphy/Azazel, Eve/Meg, Samuel Campbell/Deanna Campbell, Sam/Castiel, Pamela Barnes/Jo, Crowley/Meg, Sam/OC, Ash/Andrew Gallagher, Gavin McLeod/Delta Mendota, Jody Mills/Linda Tran, Balthazar/Crossover!Character, Dean/Magnus

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Well, our last amnesty game came to an end about five days ago (sorry for the lack of posting, the mods have some stuff going on IRL right now, lol).  Congrats to our participant!  We'll fix you up a banner soon, we promise!   Now, it is time for our second amnesty game.  Here's the gist:

In the comments of this post, write a prompt you would like someone to write for a particular pairing (any pairings elligible for our bingo rounds are elligible for this game).  Prompting will go from now until March 31st.  However, around March 15th, prompts may be claimed and written for (or art for, or fanmix, whatever works for our bingo fills works here).  A single prompt may only be claimed once.  And prompt fills may be posted here anytime between March 15th until April 30th.  (Is a longer game, no?)

As for your prompt fills, please follow the posting guidelines.  You can reply to the prompt you chose in the comments with the link to your finished piece, for easier finding if you'd like.  And while a single prompt may only be claimed by one single participant, if you feel up to it, feel free to choose more than one prompt.  This post will replace the friending meme (which you can still do, if you wish) as the sticky for easier finding.  Now, to clear up those dates on this game once more:

Prompting begins: Now through March 31st
Claiming begings: March 15th
Posting begings: March 15th
Prompting ends: March 31st
Posting ends: April 30th (to receive the prize.  Pieces finished after can still be posted as a simple amnesty piece)

Prize is 20 pts. bonus going toward Round 3, coming later this year.  And, again, maybe a banner.  Happy prompting!
Okay, so not officially a challenge, but I'm going to post this as a sticky on the top of this comm for a little while.  Friending memes (for those unfamiliar) are a great way to not only meet new people but to network and get your fics read (especially if you're new to lj or just fandom in general).  Now, most friending memes I've come across have a set list of questions that everyone answers in the comments of the meme's post.  But we're creative folks here, so let's be creative!  Here's how this is gonna play out:

In the comments below, ask five questions.  Any five you can think of, and be as creative as possible.  Ask about random stuff, ask about things you're looking for in another fandom friend, ask things specific to this fandom (or another if you want, lol).  But, above all, just ask!  Then, someone (anyone) can reply to your comment to answer.  Then, they can reply to this post and ask their own five questions.  Answer any and all questions that may appear in the comments.  But if you answer anyone's questions, be sure to ask your own.  In the end, maybe we'll all learn something about one another and, most importantly, start friending one another here on lj!  I'll start us off by asking my own five questions--and so on.  And advertise this meme if you'd like!  The more the merrier!

I'll leave this here either until amnesty ends or until my fellow mod tells me to take this down, lol.  Have fun friending!

(Oh, and, reminder, deadling for our Recast/Rehash amnesty challenge is due Feb. 20th--10 days!)
Pairings Used: Anna/Lisa

Title: Wallpaper for Evelyncarver's fic, "After the Accident."
Pairing: Anna/Lisa
Type (friendship, romantic, other--please specify): Romantic
Rating: G
Medium (fic, art, icons, etc.): art
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any related character. See post for further disclaiming.
Summary: Done for her story, After the Accident.
Warnings: None for the art.
Notes: Thanks for playing!  This concludes the prize posts.  I hope everyone enjoyed their prizes.  We look forward to particpation in the amnesty games, and in next round of bingo!
Congrats to majestic_duxk for winning second place. Here is your prize art for your story A Home With Each Other! Hope you enjoy it.

Pairings Used: Gabriel/Castiel

Title: A Home with Each Other - Art
Pairing: Gabriel/Castiel
Type (friendship, romantic, other--please specify): family
Rating: G
Medium (fic, art, icons, etc.): Art
Word Count (if applicable): N/A
Fandom (if crossover): N/A
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any related character.
Summary: Gabriel gets the responsibility of looking after the young cherub Castiel.
Warnings: Slight spoiler for the story maybe? So read it first, HERE.

Title: Taste of Freedom
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Type (friendship, romantic, other--please specify): Brothers
Rating: G
Medium: fic
Word Count: ~1600
Fandom (if crossover): The 100
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any related characters. I also do not own anything from the 100
Summary: Ninety-seven years after nuclear war destroyed the Earth, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see if it is survivable. In order to secure himself a place on the shuttle to Earth, Dean Winchester had to commit a terrible crime, but he will do whatever it takes to protect his younger brother.
Notes: This is my take on what would happen if Supernatural characters were put into the 100. Sam is 17, Dean is 21.
AKA 2015's First Amnesty Challenge!

Sorry for the wait for this.  But I got a fair response to my little poll about participating in the Amnesty Challenge Games, so here we go again.  Prize for participation is 20 Bonus points toward Round 3, and maybe a nifty banner or such.  Mods will get back to you on that.  Now, what's the challenge?  Well...
Take a pair of SPN characters--everyone from the character list is available, so feel free to get creative--and recast them in a situation from another movie/tv show/etc.  Or, just have them in a similiar situation and have them aware that it is painfully close to what happened in said movie/tv show/ etc.  Confusing?  Well, here are some examples:

Sam and Dean end up fighting Loki and his army in efforts to save New York (a la The Avengers Movie)

Castiel and Dean finds themselves pitted against The First Evil and can't help but make comparisons to this one show about a blonde vampire slayer (a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

...and so on. All fandoms are up for grabs.  If it exists as a fandom, you can use it to recast/rehash.  If you need a written example, I suggest one of my fellow mod's stories, This Happened in an Episode of BuffyDue date for this challenge will be Friday, February 20th.  And remember, pairings don't have to be romantic, friendship and buddy fics totally count.  And you don't have to recast an episode/movie/etc. word for word, get creative!  Fic and art are both acceptable for this challenge.  We look forward to seeing the results.  Have fun!

(P.S. With this post, we'll be adding the necessary tags for the amnesty round.)
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