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Supernatural Pairing Bingo
Sing Me a Love Song, Baby - Amnesty Challenge! 
What is it?
The "Sing Me a Love Song, Baby" Amnesty Challenge. Participants will fill a bingo square using a song (or several songs) for inspiration. You can choose whatever song you like, and the inspiration can come in any form. Suggestions: you can name the fill after a song, put lyrics in the story, or just try to recreate the 'vibe' the song gave off. Whatever you're inspired to do! Remember, even though this is pairings bingo, it doesn't have to be a romantic relationship (think friendship, frenemies, family...), so you're not limited to just love songs.

Open to?
Everyone! Just join the comm and play.

When is it?
Now until October 31st 2013. Turn it in by midnight on Halloween. November 15th.

What do we win?
20 points for Round 2 of Pairing Bingo (coming this December) & a Halloween banner with your name on it.

How do we play?
Comment below and tell us if you'd prefer a het, slash, femslash, or mixed card. We'll reply with your 2x2 card. Pick one of the pairings and create a fill inspired by a song (or perhaps several songs if you're making a fan mix). When you post your fill, be sure to tell us which song served as your muse. See minimum fills on this page for size requirements of the fills.

Now, get to it and have fun!
09|18|13 - 12:48 (UTC)
Me, please! Mixed card. :D
09|18|13 - 14:49 (UTC)
Let the music guide you, and all that jazz :) Enjoy!

Dean/ Castiel Sam/ Lucifer
Jody Mills/ Crossover Character Bobby/ Ellen Harvelle

09|18|13 - 21:52 (UTC)
Mixed Card.
09|18|13 - 23:15 (UTC)
Meg/Ruby Garth/Kevin
Sam/Lilith Charlie Bradbury/Delta Mendota

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