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Supernatural Pairing Bingo
Secondary Characters in SPACE... Er CROSSOVER LAND! 
AKA our First Amnesty Challenge!

Took us a bit longer than we would've liked to get this together, but your mods are busy folks both in fandom and RL, LMAO.  So, what does that title mean?  What's the challenge?  Read on.

Your challenge shall begin on this post.  Comment here, and then either myself or twisted_slinky will reply with a 4x4 bingo square.  In that square, there shall be only one name per square. So how do you get a pairing from that?  Well, you have two choices:

1) You can take TWO or MORE characters within your square and pair them together.  However, the story you tell MUST take place in a CROSSOVER fandom.  Examples include anything ranging from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Glee, to Teen Wolf, or to little known fandoms such as certain anime/mangas or short-lived TV shows.  So long as it's a fandom, it's game.


2) You take one character from one square and pair them with a CHARACTER FROM A CROSSOVER fandom.  See above for fandom examples.

So why is this challenge called "Secondary Characters"?  Well, that's because the names that will appear in the request squares will NOT be Sam, Dean, or Castiel.  Your fellow mod and I have decided that these three are the only ones that we can logical count as the show's main characters as they are the only ones who have been listed--at one point or another--as series regulars.

And what do you get for all this hard work?  Well, prizes will be 20 points toward Bingo Round 2, coming later this year. As for fills, this challenge is for Fic, Art, or Vids ONLY! See minimum fills on this page for size requirements.  Sorry, mixers, we'll make this up to you in another challenge, promise.

Deadline to sign-up/complete this Amnesty Challenge is Aug. 9th, 2013. Also, your mods have decided that the general amnesty period will continue up until just before the start of Round 2.  A more solid date on that to follow, but don't worry, this gives you plenty of posting time.

What else do you need to know about this challenge?  Only two things.  One, no opt outs--since you have a wider pairing option with this one, and two, you may still continue to post your general amnesty fills from last round throughout any and all challenges we do.  Just make sure to tag things appropriately.  With this post I'll be adding the tags for this round of amnesty, as well as for this challenge.  Now, get to it and have fun!
07|09|13 - 22:09 (UTC)
Commenting (I wrote a fic Balthazar & Ood Sigma for intoabar. I'm prepared for everything!)
07|09|13 - 23:03 (UTC)
Crowley Naomi
Benny Daphne Allen

07|10|13 - 11:25 (UTC)
Thanks :)
07|10|13 - 03:57 (UTC)
This sounds interesting. I'd love to try this.
07|10|13 - 23:36 (UTC)
Ruby Jo
Anna Alastair

07|10|13 - 06:07 (UTC)
Sign me up (because crossovers).
07|11|13 - 01:49 (UTC)
Meg Jim Murphy
Eve Kali

07|10|13 - 17:35 (UTC)
I'd like to give it a shot.
07|10|13 - 23:41 (UTC)
Gabriel Bobby
Alpha Vampire Jody Mills

07|12|13 - 03:33 (UTC)
This looks amazing. Me, please!
07|12|13 - 17:50 (UTC)
Lucifer Adam Milligan
Ash Annie Hawkins

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