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Supernatural Pairing Bingo
End of Round 1 & WINNERS! 
06|02|13 - 10:51 [~mod post]
End of Round 1!
Well, everyone, we've reached the end of Round 1. The Amnesty period begins on June 15th, so if any of you are trying to wrap up stories to fit your bingo fills, you still have time to share them with group. We might even play a few Amnesty games for Round 2 points, if there's any interest.  Speaking of Round 2, feel free to use this post to voice any suggestions you have for the comm.

You're a creative group, that's for sure! We ended our first game with several wonderful stories and works of art. I'd highly suggest you all check out what your fellow players have created.


This round, we had 10 players who acted on behalf of Cupid and completed a Bingo (or two). Thank you all for playing! You all did a fantastic job! I hope we have even more players in the second round.

So are any of you interested in who earned the most points this round?

Coming in 1st Place with a whopping 850pts:


2nd place with 340 pts:

In a tie for 3rd place, we have balder12 and smalltrolven


Prizes: We'll have a post with your individual prize banners up sometime before Amnesty begins. Winners, you all get to choose a prize, which one of your friendly neighborhood mods will complete for you. (We might be two broke girls, but we still have creativity on our sides.) Second and Third Place winners can choose between having a graphic art prize, a fic of at least five hundred words, or twenty-five free points to be used in Round 2. Angelus2hot, you can get one of each, if you'd like, or you can get 2 fics or 2 pieces of art, or you can take a prize of fifty free points to be used in Round 2. Winners, for art prizes, you can send us a prompt pairing of your choosing or we can create story art for one of your bingo fills. For those who want a fic, just send us your prompt pairing and any relevant information. You can send your prize prompts in an message to me,
twisted_slinky, or patriciatepes, or you can leave them in a comment below. We'll be getting in touch with all of you later this week in case any of you missed this post.

If you feel there has been any mistakes with the points, feel free to message me.
06|04|13 - 03:04 (UTC)
Wow! Thank you so much! And congrats to the other winners!

If it's okay I'd like to take the 2 pieces of art. I'd like John/Jo(Jeffrey Dean Morgan's John) and Dean/Benny :D

06|04|13 - 13:32 (UTC)
Great choices! We can definitely make those for you. :D
06|11|13 - 15:24 (UTC)
Your prizes are up. I hope you enjoy them :)
06|11|13 - 18:37 (UTC)
Yay! I'll go take a look now. :D
06|06|13 - 02:32 (UTC)
Awesome!! Thanks! I'd like to have a Sam/Cas fic (slash or friendship), if that's okay.
06|06|13 - 19:07 (UTC)
Sounds great!
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