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Supernatural Pairing Bingo
10|10|12 - 22:10 [~mod post]
Supernatural Pairing Bingo is easy to play, and we're hoping everyone involved has fun. This community was inspired by the many other bingo games on livejournal, such as hc_bingo, but, in this game, the prompts are focused on two things: Supernatural and couples.

We have a few basic rules to follow, so that players can earn points during each round. If you've never played prompt-based bingo before, it's really quite simple. You, the player, may request a new bingo card at the Sign-Ups link. We, the mods, then randomly pick 25 pairings, 1 for each square. Then, you can proceed to fill squares with fanfiction or fanart until you reach a bingo, which leads us to our rules:

1.) For each square, the prompted pairing must be the focus of the produced work. There can, of course, be other pairings in the story/art/vid. For the sake of this community, a pairing can be romantic or simply friendship, or pre-relationship.

2.) In order for a square to be considered filled, it must meet certain minimum requirements:

Fic: 500 words

Video: 30 seconds

Icons: 10

Art: must be 350 pixels either height or width

Fanmixs: must have cover art with five songs

Podfic: 500 words

There is no maximum length or size for the fills. In fact, the bigger/longer your fill is, the more points you can score as "benchmarks." If you'd like to learn more about points and benchmarks, check out to the link to "How to Get a Bingo + Points, Extras, Benchmarks".  Also, feel free to mix it up if you're both a writer and an artist; you don't have to stick to just one type of fanwork. It's perfectly okay to have a bingo made up of fics, vids, and art.

3.) In order to score a bingo, five squares must be filled with a new fic/art/vid (nothing you've previously posted elsewhere, please). The squares must fit one of the accepted formats (vertical/horizontal/diagonal) found here: "How to Get a Bingo + Points, Extras, Benchmarks".  Only after a bingo (or, if you're ambitious, a blackout) is scored can a player earn "extras" for that card.

4.) A new bingo card cannot be requested by a player until a bingo has been scored on the first card. After a bingo is scored, however, a player can continue to use their old card or request a new one at Sign-Ups.

5.) What if you don't like all types of pairings? When you visit Sign-Ups, you'll be given an "Opt-Out" option. You can request that your card be filled with pairings which are all Heterosexual, Slash, Femslash, or Mixed (all three). You can also "Opt-Out" of certain types of pairings such as specific couples ("no John/Mary or Dean/Crossover Character please"), specific season characters (for players who don't like certain seasons/haven't watched the newest seasons), specific characters ("no pairings with Lucifer"), or specific groups of characters/relationships (such as angels, demons, Wincest, Angelcest).  Of course, since the goal of this game is to get fans to stretch their shipping creativity, we'll limit the number of "Opt-Outs" to five. For more info on this, see Sign-Ups. To see which characters we'll be creating pairings with, check out our Character Listing.

6.) Please check out the Posting Guidelines before posting anything in the community, and do not post anything until you've completed a bingo or blackout. Use the headers provided, and don't forget to list warnings for the sake of everyone's comfort. Since the headers tend to be on the long side, feel free to use LJ cuts.

7.) Lastly, if you have any problems with the community or questions about the game, please check out the FAQ for more information, or message one of your mods, twisted_slinky or patriciatepes.
11|30|12 - 21:08 (UTC)
What about podfics? :)
12|01|12 - 23:19 (UTC)
The other Mod and I talked it over when we put up the minimum requirements, and we decided not to list podfics, or story recs, despite how much we love them because we were hoping the emphasis would be on creating fresh works for these pairings.
12|02|12 - 21:27 (UTC)
Mh well that's sad. In my opinion and experience podfics require a lot of creativity and time from the podficcer. Everyone who ever tried knows just reading a fic out loud isn't nearly enough. This is why a lot of us consider podfic as an independent piece of work. Well, rules are rules... Thanks for letting me know. :)
12|07|12 - 21:43 (UTC)
Just got a chance to look at my card. I have Anna/Naomi twice. CAn you pick a replacement couple for me for one of them?
12|08|12 - 01:33 (UTC)
I changed out the one on the bottom row. Sorry about that :D Let me know if you have any other problems.
12|08|12 - 02:02 (UTC)
No Problem OMG Cas/Crowley! LMAO Gonna love writing that one.

12|12|12 - 23:27 (UTC)
So anxious to read that one!
12|22|12 - 01:01 (UTC)
Is it possible to fill two squares with the same fic? For example, two different pairings or a threesome consisting of two cards in a fic with twice the lenght? Knowing me, I'll shoot past the requirements big time anyway.
12|30|12 - 00:32 (UTC)
So sorry it took me forever to reply!

As for your question...According to this round's rules, for your first bingo, each square has to have an individual work to fill it. Those works can be sequels/parts, though. And of course you're free to turn any pairing into a poly relationship. (Hmmm...you've now filled my head full of dreams of a threesome story series...see what you've done!)

After you have one bingo, you can earn points through Extras by doing things like filling two or more squares with the same fic.

Does that make sense?

12|30|12 - 12:25 (UTC)
Thank you for clearing it up! I'll probably fill the squares randomly anyway at first.
03|01|13 - 21:15 (UTC)
I'm curious about making a fanvid... is there any minimum of scenes or changes that need to be included?? Also, is it okay to post it to Youtube so it can be shared here as long as its a new vid...
03|03|13 - 00:20 (UTC)
I actually don't know much about making fanvids, so that's why the minimum is just "30 seconds in length". So, no, there's not really a minimum number of scenes/changes. Just enjoy yourself, and I trust you guys to do more than post a plain 'ol 30 second clip from the show :D

And yes you can absolutely post to Youtube and use that link here. In fact, you're free to host stories/vids/art where ever you'd like and then use those links when you post your Bingo here.
05|16|13 - 15:32 (UTC)
I was wondering if you are mirrored at Dream Width?
05|17|13 - 16:27 (UTC)
No, not yet. We'll likely be mirrored during the next round though. I'm sure the recent maintenance has everyone downloading their comms today. :)

But, if you happen to be asking for linking purposes, your fills don't have to be posted on LJ. Your fills can be posted anywhere.
05|17|13 - 16:30 (UTC)
Thank you! I will be posting mine to DW this round.
07|08|14 - 21:13 (UTC) - Some questions
Hi there!

I'm already busy working on my card, but it also raised a few questions:

1. Is it okay to choose which Ruby I use? Since Ruby in Season 3 was a blonde and a brunette in Season 4, I would like to know before I start writing.

2. Are AU stories allowed? For some of the pairings on my card I have some good ideas, but they are all set in an AU.

3. Can I post my stories on ffnet.com too? And should I start posting here on LJ when I have my first bingo or my first story done? As I said in the sign up, this is my very first bingo ever, and I'm a tiny bit confused.

Thanks in advance for answering

Peace out, sandy
07|08|14 - 22:52 (UTC) - Re: Some questions
So glad to hear you're already working on your card! As for your questions:
1. Yes. You can choose which Ruby.
2. Yes. Be creative as you like!
3. Yes, definitely. Also, when you get a bingo and you post your headers on the community, you can use links to any site. And you can cross-post wherever you'd like at any time.

Happy Writing!
09|01|14 - 23:57 (UTC)
How broadly can the relationship be defined? If, for example, I have Dean/Alastair, and I write a gen fic that's focused on their relationship, but the relationship in the story couldn't really be labeled "friendship," would that be okay?
09|03|14 - 04:10 (UTC)
I completely forgot to answer this question. Sorry! That sounds like it would work fine. As long it's a relationship of some sort, it doesn't have to be romantic.
12|22|14 - 02:48 (UTC)
Hi, I'm working on my card and I have a quick question.

I'm trying for a blackout.

I decided to fill the pairings with wallpapers and I have them all done except for one. It's for John/OC. I'm not sure how to go about filling that will a wallpaper.

12|22|14 - 03:18 (UTC)
Firstly, you are an awesome person for aiming for the blackout. I can't wait to see these wallpapers! As for the John/OC, I've seen people use other random actors to substitute as their original character in their fic banners. Or if you could use something to symbolize or point us in the direction of an OC...off the top of my head, if aiming for a romantic pairing, I'd imagine something like John staring at a ring box to symbolize he's asking someone to marry him (okay, that alone kind of blows my mind) or a dating profile screenshot/online escort service (hee) or an invite to a group dating event (bahaha, can you picture John Winchester infiltrating one of those for a hunt?). If I think of any other ideas for how to fill that with a wallpaper, I'll let you know. Good luck! :D
12|22|14 - 19:41 (UTC)
I wanted to do the blackout at least once.

Thanks, I finally had an idea. I took your ring box idea and used Sarah Michele Gellar as my OC. I hope that was okay.

I'm going to try to get them all posted now.
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