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Supernatural Pairing Bingo
Round 1: Sign-Ups 
11|27|12 - 21:03 [~mod post]
Sign Up Here!
To sign up and play the game, leave a comment below requesting a bingo card. If you're going to post under a different name, leave that name, as well as the type of card you'd like (Het, Slash, Femslash, or Mixed. If you choose "Mixed" specify which ones you want mixed.) and any "Opt-Out" requests.

Example Post -
LJ Name: Samlicker81
Card Type: Mixed (Slash & Femslash)
Opt-Outs: No Angelcest, Bobby/John, season 8 characters, or Jo

About "Opt-Out" requests -
You can choose up to 5 Opt-Outs (more upon request, but try to limit yourself so that we don't get a migraine making these cards).
To see which characters we'll be creating pairings with, check out our Character Listing. Then, you can "Opt-Out" of

a.) certain types of pairings such as specific couples ("no John/Mary or Dean/Crossover Character please")
b.) specific season characters (for players who don't like certain seasons/haven't watched the newest seasons)
c.) specific characters ("no pairings with Lucifer")
d.) specific groups of characters (no angels, demons, etc.)
e.) specific types of relationships (such as incest, cross-species).

Helpful Hints -
  • Make sure you come back to this page to copy your LJ code from the comment instead of copy/pasting from your email.
  • If you're keeping up with your fills on your LJ page and want to strike a square out, look at your HTML coding, find the square name, and make it look like this:  <*s><*a href="LINK TO YOUR STORY"*>SQUARE NAME<*/a><*s> (take out the asterisks)
  • Don't forget to label each fill you post with "spnpairingbingo" so that we know the fill really was intended for us and to let your reader about us.
  • You can sign up to play the game any time throughout this round, and you can start playing as soon as the round begins.
11|28|12 - 04:07 (UTC)
LJ Name: vexed_wench
Card Type: Mixed (Slash & het)
Opt-Outs: Amelia Richardson, Claire Novak,Ben Braeden,Jim Murphy,Jesse Turner

Thank You
12|01|12 - 17:06 (UTC)
Gwen Campbell/Sam Kevin Tran/Meg Castiel/Benny Jody Mills/Sam Dean/Ruby
Sam/Gabriel Dean/Lisa Braeden Dean/Caleb Bobby/Pamela Barnes Dean/Castiel
Alastair/Meg Sam/Dean WILD CARD Bobby/John Dean/Gordon Walker
John/Crossover Character Jo/Sam Dean/Eve Sam/Lenore  Victor Henriksen/Dean
Balthazar/Altropos Jimmy Novak/Amelia Novak Gabriel/Lucifer Inias/Hester Castiel/Crowley

11|28|12 - 16:39 (UTC)
LJ Name: agirlnamedtruth
Card Type: Mixed (Any and All)
Opt-Outs: None. Hit me with your best shot!
12|01|12 - 21:44 (UTC)
Samandiriel (Alfie)/Crowley
Castiel/Anna Milton John/Michael Ellen/Jody Mills
Atropos/Tessa Uriel/Raphael Dean/Death Sam/Crowley Sam/Eve
Dean/Lisa Braedon Ruby/Meg WILD CARD Bobby/Jody Mills Dean/Crack!Character
Gwen Campbell/Kali Lenore/Eve Sam/Lilith Dean/Ruby Sam/Dick Roman
Sam/Gabriel Meg/OC Dean/Jessica Moore Jesse Turner/Claire Novak Ameila Novak/Daphne Allen

11|28|12 - 17:31 (UTC)
LJ Name: verucasalt123
Card Type: Mixed (slash & het)
Opt-Outs: John Winchester, the Novaks & Braedens
12|01|12 - 17:35 (UTC)
Castiel/Rachel Sam/Dean Gabriel/Dean Sam/OC Jo Harvelle/Ash
Gabriel/Kali Balthazar/ Castiel Dean/Lenore Bobby/Rufus Turner Dean/Crack Character
Bobby/Jody Mills Sam/Jessica Moore WILD CARD Samuel/Deanna Campbell Castiel/Dick Roman
Dean/Alpha Vampire Sam/Amy Pond Dean/Jo Harvelle Crowley/ Samandirel Becky Rosen/ Garth Fitzgerald
Castiel/ Crossover Character Ellen Harvelle/Dean Michael/Adam Milligan Sam/Balthazar Dean/Crowley

11|28|12 - 22:31 (UTC)
LJ Name: licklesoxy
Card Type: Mixed (Slash and Het)
Opt-Outs: Wincest, Special Characters, Bobby, Lilith, Amy Pond
12|01|12 - 21:49 (UTC)
Dean/Tessa Sam/Kevin Tran Rachel/Crowley Dean/Frank Devereaux Adam Milligan/Becky Rosen
Sam/Chuck Shurley Alastair/JohnInias/Castiel Kali/Dean Meg/Jim Murphy
Sam/Zachariah John/Victor Henricksen WILD CARD Dean/Linda Tran Sam/Daphne Allen
Balthazar/Michael Hester/Castiel Ben/Krissy Chambers Raphael/Crowley Dean/Jim Murphy
Deanna/Samuel Campbell Death/Naomi Sam/Benny Alpha Vampire/Samuel Campbell Meg/Samandiriel (Alfie)

11|28|12 - 22:45 (UTC)
LJ Name: antrazi & hasenbrot (one person, I write under both names)
Card Type: Mixed (Slash & Het)
Opt-Outs: Nobody underage (Krissy, Jesse, Ben, Claire)
12|01|12 - 17:56 (UTC)
Dean/ Pamela Barnes Sam/ Lucifer Bobby/ Annie Hawkins Zachariah/ Dean Sam/ Jessica Moore
Dean/ Benny Castiel/ Crack Character Death/Tessa John/Kate Milligan Dean/ Crossover Character
Jimmy Novak/ Castiel Death/Dean WILD CARD John/Missouri Lucifer/Michael
Gwen Campbell/ Dean Castiel/Inias Sam/Dean Dean/Lisa Braeden Becky Rosen/ Chuck Shurley
Dean/Bela Talbot Dean/Castiel Azazel/Meg Brady/Sam Tessa/Dean

11|29|12 - 00:22 (UTC)
LJ Name: mandraco
Card Type: Mixed (Everything/Anything)
Opt-Outs: None.

I'm going to regret this. I want to regret this, so hit me with your best shot. =)
12|01|12 - 21:56 (UTC)
Brady/Jessica Moore Gabriel/Chuck Shurley Charlie/Amelia Richardson Jo/Crossover!Character Dean/Pamela Barnes
Bela Talbot/CrowleySam/Andrew Gallagher Madison/Lenore Eleanor Visyak/Lee Chambers Bobby/Azazel
Amy Pond/Tessa Ruby/Lilth WILD CARD Sam/Lucifer Dean/Amelia Novak
John/Hester Sam/Brady Caleb/Bobby Eve/Kali Castiel/Crack!Character
Gabriel/Balthazar Crowley/OC Dean/Castiel Benny/Alpha Vampire Alpha Shapeshifter/Ellen Harvelle

11|29|12 - 03:38 (UTC)
LJ Name: caitriona_3
Card Type: Het
Opt Outs: None....? (I'm going to regret this....)
12|01|12 - 18:16 (UTC)
Dean/Jo Harvelle John/ Ellen Harvelle Ben Braeden/ Krissy Chambers Dean/ Cassie Robinson Sam/ Sarah Blake
Castiel/ Amelia Novak Balthazar/ Crossover Character Dean/Tessa John/Mary Castiel/Daphne Allen
Dean/Anna Bobby/Jody Mills WILD CARD Jesse Turner/ Claire Novak Sam/Ruby
Sam/Pamela Barnes Dean/Meg Gabriel/Kali Castiel/Anna Sam/Madison
Dean/Lisa Braeden Rufus Turner/OC Sam/Amelia Richardson Dean/Annie Hawkins Jo/Crossover Character

11|29|12 - 04:59 (UTC) - Okay signing up even though I'm not familiar alot of the characters
LJ Name: hpfangirl71
Card Type: Mixed(slash & HET)
Opt Out: I'm new to the fandom so not real sure... maybe just make sure they all resemble humans... so none that don't take some sort of human form. Thanks.
11|29|12 - 06:10 (UTC) - Re: Okay signing up even though I'm not familiar alot of the characters
What season are you up to? If you'd like, I could--once the first roles around--make you a card that doesn't have any characters past the season you're on.
11|29|12 - 06:49 (UTC)
LJ Name: elliemurasaki
Card Type: Mixed (all of the above)
Opt-Outs: If one character's old enough to be the other's parent, it's a no-go, unless one character is unusually long-lived compared to ordinary humans, in which case go by the apparent age (which is to say, that of the angel's vessel, the demon's host, the vampire at the age ze was when turned which is the apparent age now...) No, I don't know why my brain does this to me, sorry. No Gordon Walker, no Zachariah, no Dick Roman.
12|01|12 - 19:48 (UTC)

John/Mary Ruby/Meg Charlie Bradbury/ Crossover Character Dean/Benny Ben Braeden/ Claire Novak
Dean/Lisa Braeden Gwen Campbell/ Tamara John/Bobby Lenore/Sam Dean/Castiel
Sam/Jessica Moore Castiel/ Daphne Allen WILD CARD Ruby/Dean Sam/Dean
Ellen Harvelle/ Bobby Meg/Jo Castiel/ Crack Character Dean/Amy Pond Gabriel/Sam
Crowley/ Balthazar Dean/Alpha Shapeshifter Anna/Ruby Jo/OC Sam/Bela Talbot

11|30|12 - 02:50 (UTC)
LJ Name: angelus2hot
Card Type: Het
Opt-Outs: Zachariah, Raphael, Gordon Walker(and I won't do incest of any kind)

I don't know why I'm doing this. I really, really shouldn't be!

I have a quick question: I checked out the 'How to get a bingo section' to try and get a feel of what the cards will look like. And I noticed that you didn't have John Winchester paired with anyone but Mary. Is there a chance that you will have him paired with someone else as well say Jo? Why yes, John is my favorite character :D

And feel free to go crazy with the Benny pairings( I love that vampire!) I really wanted to go with het and slash pairings but I didn't want to risk getting wincest.
11|30|12 - 03:03 (UTC)
Yes, we'll definitely be pairing John up with other people, both in Het and Slash relationships (in fact, I know he appears a few times with other characters in some of the cards I'm making). And you can choose to do het and slash with no risk of incest of any sort, if you'd like. Would you rather a mixed card than just a het card then?

Edited at 2012-11-30 03:05 am (UTC)
11|30|12 - 04:43 (UTC)
LJ Name: firesign10, posting under that same name
Card Type: Mixed (Het & Slash)
Opt-Outs Alastair, the obscure angels, Gordon Walker, Amelia Richardson, Zachariah

This is my first bingo! :-D I'm excited but kinda nervous too LOL!
12|01|12 - 20:27 (UTC)
Azazel/ Ava Wilson Crowley/ Kevin Tran Sam/ Annie Hawkins Castiel/Benny Sam/Dean
Sam/Jessica Moore Dean/Dick Roman Sam/Jody Mills Dean/Tessa Castiel/Jo
Ruby/Sam Dean/Lucifer WILD CARD Sam/OC John/Dean
Bobby/Ellen Harvelle Dean/Lisa Braeden Sam/Alpha Shapeshifter Crowley/ Bela Talbot Dean/Lenore
Meg/John Becky Rosen/Sam Castiel/Crowley Dean/ Crossover Character Sam/Pamela Barnes

11|30|12 - 08:20 (UTC)
LJ Name: swan_secrets
Card Type: Femslash
Opt-Outs: No season 8 characters
12|01|12 - 22:10 (UTC)
Jo/Meg Ellen/MaryAnna Milton/Rachel Tessa/Daphne Allen Tamara/Gwen Campbell
Lilith/RubyAtropos/Kali Mary/Crack!Character Deanna Campbell/Hester Jody Mills/Amelia Novak
Krissy Chambers/Claire Novak Meg/Ruby WILD CARD Ellen/Missouri Eleanor Visyak/Eve
Madison/Lenore Cassie Robinson/Lisa Braedon Sarah Blake/Crack!Character Meg/Lilith Anna Milton/Hester
Becky Rosen/Gwen Campbell Annie Hawkins/Ellen Jo/Pamela Barnes Mary/Atropos Lilith/Kali

11|30|12 - 14:04 (UTC)
LJ Name: bellatrixkale23
Card Type: Mixed (Slash & Het)
Opt-Outs: --

Question! Are we allowed to age up or down characters and make AU fills?
11|30|12 - 15:54 (UTC)
12|01|12 - 00:47 (UTC)
LJ Name: sammichgirl
Card Type: Slash
Opt-Outs: No crossover characters, Cassie Robinson, Adam or Kate Milligan

My first time, looking forward to it!
12|01|12 - 21:38 (UTC)
I noticed you opted out of some female characters, did you want slash and femme slash?
(Deleted comment)
12|01|12 - 21:17 (UTC)
Benny/Dean Adam Milligan/ Crossover Character Anna/ Ruby Jo/Bela Talbot Sam/OC
Sam/Jessica Moore Dean/ Victor Henriksen Castiel/ Uriel Dean/Sam Ruby/Dean
Castiel/Benny Lucifer/Sam WILD CARD Dean/Caleb Tamara/Ellen Harvelle
Dean/Jo Sam/Sarah Blake Sam/Andrew Gallagher Jo/Tessa Sam/Cassie Robinson
Castiel/Ruby Lenore/Dean Crowley/Dean Sam/Bela Talbot Dean/Crack Character

12|01|12 - 09:46 (UTC)
Ah, lets give this a shake and see what falls out. XD

LJ Name: geckoholic
Card Type: Mixed (all three)
Opt-Outs: No angels other than Cas, no underage characters, no pairings involving Missouri, no crossover or crack characters
12|01|12 - 22:37 (UTC)
Crowley/Castiel Dean/Kate Milligan Tessa/Amelia RichardsonSam/Victor Henricksen Bobby/John
Frank Devereaux/Bobby Daphne Allen/Jody MillsAlastair/OC Tamara/Ruby Dean/Jo
Sam/Atropos Eleanor Visyak/Bobby WILD CARD Jim Murphy/Death Ellen/Bela
Becky Rosen/Chuck Shurley Linda Tran/Daphne Allen Dean/Jody Mills Sam/OC Meg/Castiel
Jo/Crowley Dean/Castiel Jessica Moore/Madison Cassie Robinson/Pamela Barnes Jimmy Novak/Castiel

12|01|12 - 10:49 (UTC)
LJ Name: Annie46
Card Type: Mixed (Slash & Het)
Opt-Outs: Bobby, Angels,Death,no underage
12|01|12 - 21:52 (UTC)
Sam/Lisa Braeden John/Ellen Harvelle Sam/Ruby Dean/Alastair Sam/Lenore
John/Jim Murphy Dean/Crack Character Crowley/ Alpha Vampire Dean/Sam Dean/Jo
Sam/Alpha Shapeshifter Brady/Crowley WILD CARD Sam/Bela Talbot Dean/Gordon Walker
Sam/OC John/Mary Dean/Eve Sam/ Crossover Character Crowley/ Dean
Sam/John Gwen Campbell/ Sam Tessa/Dean Sam/Jo Dean/OC

12|01|12 - 14:11 (UTC)
LJ name: Jasmineisland
Card type: mixed
Opt outs: none
Really gonna stretch my comfort zone with this........
12|01|12 - 21:39 (UTC)
Do you want all three (slash, femme slash, and het) or just two in your mix?
12|01|12 - 21:40 (UTC)
LJ Name: darkly_ironic
Card Type: Mixed (any and all)
Opt-Outs: None
12|01|12 - 22:21 (UTC)
Pamela Barnes/ Tessa Adam Milligan/ Crossover Character Lucifer/Dean Claire Novak/Jesse Turner Bobby/Lee Chambers
Gabriel/ Dean Sam/ Castiel Dean/ Ruby Meg/ Daphne Allen Anna/Jo
Charlie Bradbury/ Becky Rosen Dean/ Castiel WILD CARD Sam/ Crowley Jody Mills/Bobby
Sam/ Crossover Character John/OC Dean/ Michael Sam/ Ruby Bobby/ Elanor Visyak
Castiel/ Meg Kali/ Dean Adam Milligan/ Castiel Mary/Azazel Samandiriel (Alfie)/ Meg

12|01|12 - 22:06 (UTC)
LJ Name: angstpuppy
Card Type: slash
Opt-Outs: none \O/
12|01|12 - 23:06 (UTC)
Sam/Dean Castiel/Sam Gabriel/Crossover!Character Bobby/John Samuel Campbell/Crowley
Azazel/LuciferBobby/Crowley Dean/Balthazar Ash/Garth Castiel/Inias
John/OC Sam/Crack!Character WILD CARD Victor Henricksen/Dean Gordon Walker/Rufus Turner
Death/Castiel Lucifer/Alastair Zachariah/Dean John/Adam Milligan Lee Chambers/Jim Murphy
Lucifer/Gabriel Michael/Jimmy Novak Dean/John Castiel/Inias Jake Talley/Azazel

12|01|12 - 23:24 (UTC)
Lj name: princess_aleera
Card type: Mixed (Slash & Femmeslash)
1. No older hunter pairings, please (as in Bobby, Rufus, now!John - any hunter significantly older than Sam and Dean)
2. No season 8 characters (haven't seen it all yet:3 )
3. I'm not sure this counts, because I ask for a mixed card (I want to write more femmeslash, because our girls deserve more love and attention^^) - but I'm really quite squicked by most het pairings. So even if I can't opt-out on them, then maybe just... not so many het pairings, pretty please?
4. Alpha creatures
5. No OCs (I'm shit at writing them in my fanfic storiesXD )

This looks like so much fun!
12|02|12 - 00:07 (UTC)
I'm horrible with judging ages, so if Jody or Annie fall into your "older hunter" opt-out, let me know and I'll switch them out.
12|02|12 - 01:27 (UTC)
... Okay, fine, I'm in. :) And shall pinch one of those banners to promote on spn_ladies, given the strong female contingent in the characters.

LJ Name: whit_merule
Card Type: Mixed (all types)
Opt-Outs: Bobby; John; parental incest; crossover characters.
12|02|12 - 22:20 (UTC)
Dean/Jo Ellen/Annie Hawkins Sam/Lee Chambers Crowley/Castiel Alpha Vampire/Gordon Walker
Hester/MegGabriel/KaliSamuel Campbell/OC Dean/Tamara Uriel/Gwen Campbell
Lisa Braeden/Jo Dean/Ruby WILD CARD Ash/Ellen Castiel/Gabriel
Eve/Lenore Krissy Chambers/Claire Novak Sam/Lucifer Raphael/Crack!Character Samandiriel (Alfie)/Benny
Eleanor Visyak/Amy Pond Brady/Bela Talbot Victor Henricksen/Frank Devereaux Amelia Novak/Castiel Sam/Amelia Ricardson

12|02|12 - 04:58 (UTC)
LJ name: snickfic
Card type: het
Opt-Outs: please no Bobby, John, Benny, Charlie Bradbury, or child characters

This is very exciting!
12|02|12 - 08:51 (UTC)
Dean/Meg Sam/ Crossover Character Castiel/ Jo Gwen Campbell/ Garth Fitzgerald Ellen Harvelle/ Dean
Sam/Jody Mills Anna/Gabriel Sam/Lisa Braeden Dean/Crossover Character Garth/OC
Ruby/Dean Sam/Amelia Richardson WILD CARD Dean/Lenore Castiel/ Rachel
Madison/ Crossover Character Sam/Jo Dean/Annie Hawkins Sam/Amy Pond Castiel/ Pamela Barnes
Ruby/Sam Crowley/Amelia Novak Balthazar/Kali Anna/Adam Milligan Dean/Bela Talbot

12|02|12 - 14:24 (UTC)
LJ Name: joyyjpg
Card Type: mixed (all three!)
Opt-Outs: demons other than Ruby, parental incest, OCs, Gabriel, Dick Roman.
12|02|12 - 22:34 (UTC)
John/Bobby Sam/Ruby Uriel/Anna Missouri/Pamela Barnes Dean/Sam
Bobby/Gordon WalkerAtropos/Eve Dean/Crossover!Character Ash/Garth Jody Mills/Kate Milligan
Amelia Richardson/Linda Tran Dean/Ruby WILD CARD Jim Murphy/Caleb Michael/Lucifer
John/Mary Jo/Cassie Robinson Sam/Lucifer Dean/Tessa Jessica Moore/Brady
Samuel Campbell/Balthazar Castiel/Crack!Character Dean/Zachariah Eve/Benny Uriel/Castiel

12|02|12 - 18:58 (UTC)
mixed (het, slash, femmeslash)
opt-outs: seasons 4-8

Thank you; this looks like a lot of fun!
12|02|12 - 20:22 (UTC)
Ellen Harvelle/ John Sam/Dean John/Jim Murphy Dean/Bela Talbot Rufus/Bobby
Bela Talbot/Jo Dean/Ruby Lenore/Jo Dean/Cassie Robinson Ruby/Bela Talbot
Sam/Sarah Blake Dean/Victor Henriksen WILD CARD Sam/ Andrew Gallagher Sam/Jo
Dean/ Jessica Moore Dean/Ash Sam/ Madison John/Dean Dean/Jo
Caleb/ Dean Sam/Meg Dean/ Gordon Walker Ava Wilson/ Meg Jo/Sarah Blake
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