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Supernatural Pairing Bingo
11|27|12 - 19:37 [~mod post]

If you've already looked over the Rules, but you still have questions, check out the issues addressed below. We'll be adding to this page as Round 1 progresses. Feel free to leave questions and comments below.

What genres are allowed? Does every story/artwork need to be romantic?

  • All genres and ratings are allowed, from fluff to kink to angst, from G-rated hand-holding to Oh-Lord-That's-Porn. No, the fanwork doesn't need to be particularly romantic, but it does need to focus on the pairing prompt. Pairing, in this community, can be anything from a full sexual relationship to a friendship.

What about crossovers? RPF?

  • All crossovers are certainly allowed, so long as the SPN pairing you're using remains the central focus. RPF is also allowed, but none of the prompted pairings will involve RPF characters. What does that mean for your fanwork? Well, you could write a Sam/Dean set in the real world or a fic about the actors discussing your chosen pairing.

What are we not allowed to post?

  • Please do not post previously posted works or incomplete works. Also, do not post WIP chapters. If you're writing a story, the entire fic must have the pairing as a central focus, not just one chapter.

Can I combine my bingo fill with another challenge?

  • Ah, the old two birds, one stone tactic. Sure! Just make sure it's posted within the Round 1 dates on the schedule, as well as labeled as a part of spnpairingbingo, and you're golden.

What's the Wild Card square?

  • A Wild Card square is like a blank square in Scrabble; it can represent any pairing your little heart desires. But you must write/create something with an SPN pairing in it and use it as a fill. You can't leave it blank and turn in four fills.

What if I don't like all my pairing prompts?

  • Well, when players sign-up, we give them "Opt-Outs", so they can select some types of pairings they don't enjoy. Let's face it, some of us just aren't into Wincest or angels or canon pairings. So, when you request a card, you can make up to five Opt-Out requests (more are allowed within reason). Otherwise, do try to create something for the prompt pairing. The whole point of a prompt is to stretch your creativity, which sometimes means leaving your comfort zone. Thankfully, you only have to take a 500-word trip into enemy territory ;) The mods are completely confident that such a small fanwork can be created for every pairing given out.

I want to write fanfiction and create art in the same bingo. Is that okay?

  • Of course! Mix and match or stick to just one type of fanwork. So long as it fits the minimum requirements listed in the Rules.

Do I have to post the fills at the community? Can I post elsewhere?

  • Don't post the fills at the community. Post links in the headers provided in the Posting Guidelines. You post the actual work wherever you'd like, just make sure you mention that the work is a spnpairingbingo fill.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask below or visit the links at the top of the post (or the right side-bar).

12|01|12 - 23:03 (UTC) - Q
Question: if a romantic pairing, can said pairing only contain those two people? Or can there be additions? (For example: if the bingo square says 'Sam/Jimmy', is 'Sam/Jimmy/another character' allowed?)

*goes to sign up*
12|01|12 - 23:14 (UTC) - Re: Q
I haven't talked it over with the other Mod, but I think that would be fine (especially if you somehow put some focus on the original pairing prompt at some point in the story/art). Does that make sense?
12|01|12 - 23:22 (UTC) - Re: Q
That does make sense, yes. I don't imagine I'll do it with a lot of my pairings, but having so many to choose from tend to make the Muse go PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER so I thought I would check if that was at all an optionXD

Oh, on that tangent - if I finish my bingo card (pssshh, if) and want to go for the two-in-one option or one of the four-corner ones, can I put those two/ four pairings into one? (As in, if one square says 'Gabriel/Balthazar' and the other 'Amy Pond/Charlie', can I make it a 'Gabriel/Balthazar/Amy/Charlie' story? Making sure, of course, that all four characters are equally in focus? (yes, yes I have moresome feels. Please do excuse me while I wallow in perfect characters. <3 )
12|01|12 - 23:34 (UTC) - Re: Q
You can definitely turn it into a moresome story instead of just having two separate pairing in one story :D Patriciatepes made out the point system and extras, and I think she stipulated that the 2 prompts in 1 story was for two touching squares (Extra #2: Connect Two), but I can ask her about the 4-in-1 for Four Corners if you'd like.
12|01|12 - 23:42 (UTC) - Re: Q
Yay! *dances*

If you get a moment, please feel free. It's hardly a matter that needs to be addressed right away, at least not for my sake. Just covering all my bases. *waits excitedly for bingo, because fuck Uni work*
12|04|12 - 05:24 (UTC) - Re: Q

Like twisted-slinky said, you can most certainly combine the 4 Corners prompts into one. I don't have it listed as an extra because we only wanted to have a handful of one, but I think should yourself--or anyone else--manage to take any of the extras and combine them into one story, then I'll throw some extra points your way. I just haven't decided how many yet.

Does that answer your question? :)

Edited at 2012-12-04 05:25 am (UTC)
12|04|12 - 15:06 (UTC) - Re: Q
It does, thank you! :D
12|14|12 - 13:50 (UTC)
Can I genderswap? :)
12|14|12 - 20:42 (UTC)
Sure! Feel free ;)
12|14|12 - 15:16 (UTC)
No previous posted works, but how about a continuation or sequel of one already written? For example, I have a Rufus fic I wrote last year and a prompt Rufus/OC. Can I make a sequel to my original Rufus fic?
12|14|12 - 20:42 (UTC)
I love sequels and series. Go for it!
02|24|13 - 22:46 (UTC)
Am I right in thinking that if I finish a card, I can then request another card and get a bingo on that towards points (ie I can complete multiple cards in the time to maximise points)?
02|24|13 - 23:00 (UTC)
Yes, you're right :D

After you complete at least one bingo on your first card, you can request a second card to use. You can continue to bingo and/or make extra points on the first card, too, if you'd like.
03|16|13 - 03:57 (UTC)
Can the Wild Card repeat a pairing? In other words, if I filled the Sam/Cas square for the bingo, can the WC be a second Sam/Cas fic?
03|16|13 - 12:46 (UTC)
Sure! It can be any pairing you choose, including ones already on your card.
07|06|14 - 16:12 (UTC)
What happens if we aren't able to complete a bingo? There is a lot of great pairings on mine, and a few "I cannot do this"-es. I'm not sure I can go that far out of my comfort zone and actually get five in a row (or across). Of course I cannot have a second card, but will it have consequences for next round?
07|06|14 - 16:32 (UTC)
There aren't any consequences. But we'd love to have you play if you're willing ;) Don't forget, the pairing doesn't have to be romantic. It can be friendship, or even two enemies bickering...so long as the fic/art/podfic/mix is focused on those two characters. Oh, and if you need any ideas, there's a link in the sidebar to our 'help' community Plotbunnyville where you can ask for ideas.

If you still decide you can't fill a bingo, stick around after the round ends. We'll play a few games with new small cards.

Either way, have fun! :D
07|06|14 - 16:54 (UTC)
Thanks for elaborating. I got the part about friends, but I definitely can do it since they can be enemies too. Oh, Gadreel, you are so going to get it now! (Love the character and the part he plays in S9, but I dislike him so much!) That made it so much easier for me. Huh, I actually have two rows open now! Weeee! <3
07|23|14 - 20:19 (UTC)
How much do you take preferences into account? Like, if I said I prefer Sam pairings would you give me more Sam/character squares than someone would normally get?
Also, are unrequited or noncon pairings allowed?

Edited at 2014-07-23 09:10 pm (UTC)
07|24|14 - 04:12 (UTC)
If you happen to mention a preference to a certain character/group of characters, I'll usually add more of those to your card. I've had someone mention before that they love John, so I put about 5 John pairings on their card. As for your other question, unrequited and noncon are both more than welcome. You can be as creative as you like in your interpretation of the pairing.
07|24|14 - 17:56 (UTC)
That's awesome, thank you! :D
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